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With summer drawing to a close and the fall season almost upon us, getting your home organized to keep ahead of the inevitable back to school and holiday rush is key. These simple tips will help you tackle your home’s clutter before autumn begins, giving you peace of mind as you take on all that the next few months have to bring.

One Room At A Time

Don’t become overwhelmed trying to take on your entire house in one day, it’s simply impossible. Rather, tackle one room or closet at a time, setting up a schedule to keep you accountable. Just think. In just one week, you can have 7 rooms in your home cleared out and ready to go.

Donate Items You No Longer Need

While you may not have use for an item, another person may, so consider donating items you no longer need to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. You can even receive a receipt to use for tax deduction purposes, so be sure to keep track of each items value, providing the information to your tax professional at the end of the year.

Discard The Junk

Our homes are filled with items that aren’t of any use to us and would be of no use to anyone else. If you genuinely have no plan or purpose for an item within the immediate future, get rid of it. There’s no reason to hang on to belongings that are only going to take up much needed space within your home.

Store Larger Items

Sports equipment, seasonal decor and seasonal clothing can take up alot of room, cluttering your attic and garage (did you know it was possible to park your car in there?). For items such as these, consider renting a self storage unit within your neighborhood so that your home can remain spacious and clear.

Continuously Clear Out

Organizing is a continuous process, so rather than allowing items to take control of your home, work to tackle clutter in real time each day. Discard papers that aren’t necessary, place aside clothing you don’t wear, and store larger items in a secure self-storage unit, keeping track of what you have. A little proactive work can save you from hassle the rest of the year.

With some planning, storage, and a willingness to let go of items you don’t need, your home will be clutter-free and organized in no time.

Bring on autumn!