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With festivities coming to an end, finding ways to get back into your routine can be a bit challenging. The kids seem to be on a constant sugar high, your pants don’t quite fit, your home is filled to the brim with stuff and your wallet feelswell, depleted. These simple tips will help your family get back on track, maximizing space, saving money, and dropping pounds.

…Okay, so maybe we can’t help much in the weight department, but we’ll do our darndest!


As you take down your Christmas decor and put up your usual momentos, consider placing seasonal items in a local self storage unit. Doing such will allow you to free-up space at home for items you need on a regular basis, keeping your home clutter-free. With most locations offering units of varying sizes under 24/7 surveillance, you can rest assured that your belongings are safe (without breaking the bank).

Be sure to have a running list of items you place in storage on hand so that you can keep track of what items are inside. Number boxes to coincide with your list as well, so that finding items when you need them will be a breeze. Check out our article, How to Keep Your Storage Unit Organized, for some more ideas to keep things orderly.


So your sugared up minions are up to their ears in toys, leaving your home filled to capacity and your wee ones in a psychotic this is minedon’t touch, die sibling die, frenzy.

In order to tame those little beasts and get them to a place of appreciation, reorganize their toys into groups of three, leaving only one group out at a time. You can place the other two groups into separate bins within your home or storage unit, and rotate through them every 2-3 weeks. Your children will be happy to play with toys they haven’t seen in some time, keeping them entertained and excited, rather than overwhelmed and well, crazy!


We know you spent more than you should have. Every year you promise you won’t be in the red, and yet, here you are with a checkbook glowing like Rudolph’s nose on a wintery Christmas night.

Instead of becoming overwhelmed by your financial situation, make a conscious effort to get back on track, creating a realistic budget and spending plan to help you meet your financial goals. Our tips to Help You Save Money This Holiday Season and Earn Some Extra Cash can  help as well, so be firm in setting your limits in order to tackle those debts before they tackle you.


You can’t blame the holidays (you were pretty plump in August), but the eggnog, biscottini, deep fried whatever-ma-jigs and ham dipped in molasses didn’t help your get in shape cause. We personally think your rolls make you more loveable, but we all could do some hunkering down to get healthier for the new year.

These tips to help you incorporate exercise into your everyday life will make exercise become less of a chore and more of a lifestyle. Determine what it is you would like to achieve with regard to your health and think of tangible ways to get there. With some dedication and your Doctor’s go ahead, you can say hello to a healthier you.


Cherish the memories you made this holiday season and be thankful, even with the stress (and poundage). As Winston Churchill once said, “Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.”

Happy Holidays.