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With summer just around the corner, finding ways to keep your home on track and in order while the kids are home from school can be a challenge. These 4 simple tips are certain to keep your home running smoothly, ensuring this summer vacation is one every member of your family can enjoy!

Family Calendar

Summer brings a more relaxed pace and routine, making it the best time to plan get-togethers with family and friends! In order to keep everyone on the same page, place a monthly or weekly calendar in a shared family space. Doing so will allow each member of your family to see what is on the agenda long and short term, helping to prevent scheduling conflicts and missed appointments.

Meal Planning

Most people dread hearing about meal planning—the mere term bringing visions of checklists, coupons and rationing. However, meal planning doesn’t have to be a time consuming, stressful task. In fact, planning your meals in advance will not only help you spend less time and money each week grocery shopping, but it will help you waste less food throughout the week too. Remember, extra cash in your pocket means extra summer-time debt-free fun!


Now that everyone is around more, take some time to go through areas of your home deciding what you need to keep, what you should donate and what you should discard. For belongings that you need to keep but are simply too large to store within your day-to-day living space (such as seasonal clothing, sports equipment or holiday decor) consider renting a self-storage unit within your area. With climate-controlled units available in various sizes, finding one that works for your family’s needs is simple, without hurting your beach fund!

Cleaning Chart

Once your home is de-cluttered, set up a cleaning schedule to ensure everyone has a job to do without becoming overwhelmed. Giving every member of your family a project they need to take ownership of will teach your children that  responsibilities are for everyone, not just mom or dad. Many hands lighten the load!

By planning ahead, keeping things orderly, clearing out space and assigning tasks for all, your summer is certain to be a fun one to remember!

Happy sunshine!

“He who marvels at the beauty of the world in summer will find equal cause for wonder and admiration in winter.” -John Burroughs