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Halloween is here!

If you love Halloween as much as we do, you know how much fun it is to be spooked and scared. But, no matter how much you may love Halloween, you likely have never considered just how scary self-storage units could be.

From bizarre to just plain terrifying, self-storage units on Halloween are creepy as can be. Read below if you dare, but know this. Once you do, you may never look at a storage facility on Halloween the same way again!

Victorian photos of the dead.

One cleanup company found boxes of old photos and negatives in a storage unit in Hartsdale, New York. But, “…the negatives aren’t what we think of as negatives today. They [were] glass negatives, which were in use from the mid-1850s through the 1930s.” And within those negatives were deathbed photos. Deathbed photos were a popular trend that took place back in the Victorian era to commemorate the dead. Do you think people would hang those up for all to see? Yikes!

A collection of body parts from 100 different people.

In 2012, an Assistant Medical Examiner in Florida was charged with keeping more than 100 body parts within a storage container in Pensacola. His collection included lungs, hearts, and tissue samples. He even kept ten different brains in his storage unit. Examiners determined that the body parts were from more than 100 different bodies. Body parts were stored in formaldehyde in plastic containers, specimen cups, and trash bags. One part was even kept in a 32-ounce Styrofoam cup from a convenience store. The police said some of the containers were cracked and leaking. Can you imagine the smell? Gross!

Forty frozen, dead cats, preserved for all eternity.

In 2016, a man won a storage unit during an auction for $150. We’re sure he was hoping for something exciting, and exciting it was. The man discovered over 40 frozen dead cats inside of his newly purchased storage unit. 40 cats! One cat was even skinned and placed inside an aluminum tray! The unit was initially owned by a 66-year-old woman who was paid month to month. She took “crazy-cat-lady” to a whole new level. The big question is, were they dead when she froze them or did she freeze them to death? We may never know.

Dead bodies, ashes, coffins – what a scream.

The star of Storage Wars, Darrell Sheets, once revealed that he’s had his fair share of spook. He said he “…actually found a body years ago in like 1988 down in San Diego, California… You know, I don’t really want to talk about it a whole lot, but it wasn’t a pleasant situation. But in this business, it does happen. I’ve found ashes, coffins….” We’re sure out of all the bidding wars he’s done, finding a dead body inside of a unit is likely the last thing he wants to see. Can you blame him?

Who knew self-storage units could be such a scream!

Happy Halloween!