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College is the most important time in your life. With an entire world of knowledge to dive into and explore, your future is at the forefront of your mind, leaving little room to focus on the logistics of moving to a new place an settling in. These simple tips to help you pack, organize and store your belongings are certain to help you minimize stress, allowing you to focus the majority of your mental energy on your academic pursuits.

Packing Tips

Get in touch with your roommate(s) as soon as possible to coordinate what items you will each be bringing. Before you run out to purchase anything new, be sure to check with friends or family members to see if there are any items they have within their homes they no longer use or need (such as small electronics or bedding) so that you only need to spend money on essentials. Once you determine what it is you are purchasing and begin packing, label each box, listing the items within on a corresponding sheet, so that you can unpack (or find items within storage) with ease.

Organizing Tips

Keeping your dorm clutter-free and organized is important to ensure you are able to devote your attention to your studies (which believe it or not, is why you are attending college in the first place). Get you and your roommate(s) into a routine so that you understand and are on the same page when it comes to what is needed from each of you to keep your dorm room running properly. Also be sure to create a study nook within your dorm, so that you each have a private area to study when the library or common areas aren’t suitable.

Storage Tips

Dorm rooms are small. Like, super small. So finding ways to remain organize while splitting the space between numerous people is imperative to your sanity. Students have found that using everyday items to increase space, such as stacking hangers, under-the-bed boxes, or even over-the-door organizers, can help maximize what little space they have. And for larger items such as sports equipment or seasonal clothing, most roommates tend to rent self-storage units that are nearby together, helping them keep their dorm clutter free at a minimal cost.

By keeping your academics in focus, devoting some extra time to planning, and utilizing a self storage unit along with your roommate(s), your college career is bound to have a seamless start.

To a successful semester!