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If you’re heading off to college this fall, you are likely feeling overwhelmed. Academic schedules and your professional future are weighing heavily on your shoulders, and the logistics of living far away from home for the first time doesn’t ease the anxiety any. Here are three ways renting a self storage unit near campus can help alleviate unnecessary stress that is associated with college life.

Storage Units Will Maximize Your Dorm Space

According to Dorm Stormer, the average dorm room is “…typically smaller than 130 square feet, and on average, they’re normally even smaller than that.”  What’s worse is that dorm rooms are shared between two or three people, making it necessary to utilize every inch of space well. With space limited for each person, renting mini-storage for larger items, such as seasonal clothing and sports equipment, will help you maximize the space you have. Best of all, if you and your roommates split the cost, utilizing off-site storage is an affordable option that will increase your daily living space. 

Storage Units Make Your Packing Process More Efficient

If you think packing everything up to head off to college is stressful, you haven’t experienced packing everything back up to head home! Rather than wasting your time bringing items back and forth each year, renting mini-storage close by will help you utilize your time well, allowing you to leave items that you will need for the following year next to campus, instead of lugging them back and forth. 

Storage Units Can Be Beneficial After You Graduate

If you are attending college in a city that you would like to continue to live or work in, renting a climate controlled unit can actually be beneficial for you. With the cost of renting an apartment increasing each year, you will likely have to find a smaller rental, such as a studio or one bedroom, in order to stay within your budget. Smaller rentals mean less space, making a storage unit ideal. With storage facilities offering secure units at affordable prices, renting one alongside your apartment will be financially feasible and provide you with more options when finding an affordable place to live. 

Renting a self-storage unit will help make that tiny dorm of yours feel more spacious, save you and your family much time and energy re-packing, and minimize your living expenses after graduation. It will definitely be one of the few decisions you won’t regret… (remember, Toga parties are never a good idea).

To a successful college career!