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If you’re heading off to college this fall, these 5 simple tips will help you pack, store and study like a pro, keeping you organized your first semester and beyond! 

I think I’m mostly looking forward to the college life. I’m looking forward to more freedom. Here everything is really structured and scheduled, but in college you’ve got to be more responsible and you can get things done on your own time. I’m really looking forward to that.” Nerlens Noel

Packing Tips

Number each of your boxes, creating a detailed, running list that clearly states which items are within each box. Doing so will allow you to unpack necessary items promptly, providing the opportunity to keep belongings you may need at a later date secure within a self-storage unit.

 Find a Storage Unit

Besides storing seasonal items, renting mini-storage saves you the hassle of having to lug your belongings back and forth when the semester is through—a big win at the end of the year. With units offered in various sizes, finding one that will work within your budget is simple, especially if you consider splitting the cost of the unit with a roommate or two!

Be Creative

With a little imagination and some creative ideas, finding ways to maximize space for you and your roommate(s) is not only a possibility, but a fun one at that! Storage containers, peg boards, hangers and hooks can be used in ways that help you find a place for everything, helping to minimize clutter.

Cleaning Schedules

Sharing such a small space with one, two or three other people can be a challenge, which is why setting up a cleaning schedule is of the utmost importance. With chores and responsibilities clearly listed for each person, there will be minimal opportunity for fighting.

A Place to Study

It may not always be ideal to head to the campus library or local cafe, so be sure to have a designated study place within your dorm room that you and your roommate(s) can use when needed. Murphy desks and laptop centers take up minimal room, and hanging containers can help you store various papers and textbooks.

A college degree is the key to realizing the American dream, well worth the financial sacrifice because it is supposed to open the door to a world of opportunity.”  —Dan Rather 

To a successful college career!