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If you are a real estate agent, you know that staging a home is key to a successful sale, but staging a home can be a challenge depending on the client you have. Some clients have a lot of stuff and a home that just isn’t ready for buyers to tour. Whether the market is hot or cold, buyers want a home that appears clean, spacious, and move-in ready. Here are some simple suggestions you can use with your clients to increase the likelihood of a successful sale:

Get rid of stuff before taking pictures of the home.

Most buyers pre-judge the home online, so the house needs to be clean and staged before taking pictures. There are a few ways to go about this if your client’s home is quite cluttered but tread lightly. You don’t want to insult the client by saying their home has too much stuff. Instead, emphasize what the buyers want to see when walking through the house, allowing them to recognize the need to clear out. You can then make the following suggestions:

  • Selling certain items. Let the sellers know some of their things may have value. If they are looking to clear out before the photoshoot and open house, have a garage sale, contact a local thrift store, or speak with a certified buyer.

  • Post a curb alert online. There are numerous neighborhood message boards where you can post about items you are putting out on the curb for people to pick up. You would be surprised what people need and will grab when there is little to no price.

  • Have a list of charities on hand to donate items to. If selling belongings isn’t an option, let the sellers know that there are several charities in the area that would gladly take these items off their hands, putting them to good use. Some will even come to their house to pick belongings up, which makes the process super convenient.

  • Keep belongings off-site in self-storage. The more spacious the home, the more inviting it feels. By recommending that your clients keep oversized furniture and their belongings in a local self-storage unit, you are maximizing the space within the home, creating a floorplan that looks larger than it actually is.

Encourage the sellers to paint a fresh coat of neutral paint throughout the home.

If the owners are willing and eager, a fresh, neutral coat of paint, can really help entice potential buyers. New paint makes the home appear clean, crisp, and liveable. Plus, a neutral color can make buyers feel like there is one less thing they need to do when they move in (versus bold colors they will have to change throughout).

Freshen the landscaping with some beautiful greenery.

If the entranceway is anything but inviting, some annual flowers in pretty pottery can help make the home feel more welcoming. Annual flowers and pottery can range in prices, so finding some decor that is suitable for your client’s budget (or yours) won’t break the bank. When a potential buyer pulls up and sees these special touches (such as a small flower garden), they will automatically view the home through a favorable lens.

Swap out old hardware and fixtures for some modern touches.

Something as simple as updating a light or plumbing fixture or switching out some cabinet handles can do wonders for making a room appear more modern than it is. These updates are inexpensive and impactful, really changing the look and feel of an entire home.

By storing belongings in a storage unit nearby, and taking the necessary steps to freshen up the appearance of a home, your client’s home is bound to sell for top dollar.

Wishing you a happy, lucrative sale!