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This holiday season is certainly going to be different than ones prior! Whether you are hosting a large family gathering, or just having a quiet evening at home, these 5 simple tips will help you plan and prepare as the holiday season approaches.

Decide what it is YOU want to do rather than committing to what everyone else expects.

Sit down with your partner to determine what your priorities are this holiday season. Who are you set on seeing, and how do you plan to do so safely? More importantly, what is it that you personally want to do? While the holidays are an ideal time to catch up with extended family and friends, it is important to utilize some downtime to tend to your own needs, too.

Develop a cleaning plan that will make your holiday flow smoothly, keeping your to-do list the day of short and sweet!

Develop a realistic cleaning plan that targets various high-priority areas within your home so that on Thanksgiving day you are not trying to prepare a meal and simultaneously deep-clean. By focusing on one room at a time prior to the day of your celebration, you and your family won’t feel as overwhelmed, providing more time to enjoy festivities with others (or just yourselves)!

Increase space within your home to allow for social distancing, improving your ability to host gatherings safely indoors.

If you have a group joining you for Thanksgiving, you may need to move some furniture and larger items around in order to accommodate the distance the CDC recommends. Consider keeping items off-site in a local self-storage unit, so that you can maximize your living space during the holidays, and beyond. With sizes designed to fit most any need, you can rest assured that the price will be affordable (and well worth the convenience it provides).

Prepare your meal in advance, no matter how big or small, so that your Thanksgiving isn’t spent slaving over a stove!

Other than your Turkey or Ham, prep and cook side dishes and appetizers in advance to simply reheat the day of. There are countless delicious meals that you can make-ahead, which will allow you to simply kick up your feet and relax. If you are not planning on hosting a large gathering, you can even break tradition a bit by ordering in or preparing a meal that is completely outside of the box! Let’s face it, 2020 has been anything but normal!

Make some do-it-yourself décor to give your home a festive feel, while building memories you and your family can enjoy each Thanksgiving.

Make centerpieces and Thanksgiving décor to display within your home, creating special memories with your family that you can remember year after year. With countless ideas that are easy for adults and children alike, you are certain to have a great time! Best of all, holiday décor can be safely stored within your self-storage unit when the holiday season is through, providing you with much needed room for items you need to access on a regular basis.

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for all we have. This year has been a particular challenge. Whether you are celebrating together or apart, remember that our families, our friends, and our health, are what truly matters. In the words of  Henry Van Dyke, “Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.”

Wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving season, filled with much appreciation, and most of all, love!