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If you get an itch to clean up and clear out each spring, you are not alone! According to a National Cleaning Survey that was conducted, “91 percent of Americans and 96 percent of Millennials engage in spring cleaning at least every few years, with 76 percent of the population participating in 2018.” While “60 percent say their primary reason for spring cleaning is to give their house the thorough cleaning it needs…” there are numerous other benefits as well.

For starters, a clean home can strengthen your immune system, helping you avoid illnesses. In fact, Reader’s Digest reported just this past year that cleaning your home each spring can help you breathe better, eat better, and sleep better- improving heart health and mental health while boosting your immune system and preventing injuries. But that’s not all…Cleaning your home each spring helps you get active, and reduce stress – both of which elevate your dopamine levels and increase your happiness.

One challenge that many Americans face when it comes to cleaning their homes each spring is that no matter how enthusiastic they are to get the job done, 54% are overwhelmed, and 78% don’t even know where to start! They feel paralyzed by the mess at hand, and rather than tackling it, they simply allow it to grow and grow until it is unbearable. No more! You’ve made a commitment this spring along with millions of others, and we’re determined to help you see it through! Here are 5 simple tips to get started:

1.) Pick one section of your home to target each day.

Instead of trying to take on your entire home at once, break your home up into smaller sections to target each week, focusing on one area of that section for 20-30 minutes each day. For example, during week 1, if you pick your bedroom, the focus on the first day would be your closet, the next dresser, the next under the bed, etc. until that section is complete. This will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, and help you see the progress you are making!

2.) Sort through belongings, determining what to keep and what to purge.

As you go through different areas of your home, consider the “keep, donate, discard” principle. If you have used an item within the last 3 months, or have a real plan or purpose to use it over the next 3, keep it. If you can’t use it, but it could be of benefit to someone else, donate it. And, if you can’t use it and no one else can, get rid of it. If you are unsure, you can always keep items “on-hold” within a self-storage unit to see if they are something you can live without.

3.) Maximize space by storing larger items off-site.

For items that are too large to keep within your home, such as seasonal decor, sports equipment, camping gear, bicycles, etc.. consider renting a local self-storage unit. This will free up space for items you need access to each day while ensuring your belongings remain safe and secure. Best of all, with various sizes available at prices designed to meet any budget, renting a storage unit is both convenient and affordable.

4.) Figure out a deep cleaning schedule and keep it up!

There are countless spring cleaning schedules available online for free that can help you determine where to start your deep clean. Some areas to address are shampooing any carpets, waxing any wood floors, dusting high-up, hard to reach places, cleaning your baseboards, air ducts, furniture, appliances, and more. Once your deep clean is through, continue to keep your home fresh by choosing to deep clean one area every week.

5.) Don’t forget to clean up outdoors, too.

While not anyone’s favorite tasks to take on, window washing, gutter cleanouts, and seasonal landscaping are all items that should be completed during the spring months before the weather is too hot. If these tasks are too challenging for you to do physically, hiring a local professional is always an option. If not, roll up those sleeves and get started, so your home can sparkle both inside and out!

By targeting an area of your home to clear out each day, finding suitable storage for items you need to keep, and deep cleaning the interior and exterior of your home, you will be ready for spring and all the joy the season can bring! Happy cleaning!