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Summer and spring have always been listed as the top two seasons to sell and move from your home, but fall is gaining popularity as a popular month to move as well. Though more challenging from a school perspective, the competitive housing market has made autumn a more straightforward season for families to find a home without worrying about an aggressive bidding war. If you, like many other families, are getting ready to move this fall, keep these simple tips in mind:

Save a little money by getting boxes for free from stores in your community.

Believe it or not, you can get boxes for free by asking your local grocery or drug store if you can take some home after they receive one of their shipments. Most are more than happy to pass them along – just speak with the store manager. And, if you need to purchase some boxes, your local self-storage facility has various sizes available at an affordable price, along with additional moving supplies.

Stage your home for potential buyers walking through, renting self-storage if needed.

If you are packing your belongings while potential buyers are walking through your home, it’s best to rent a self-storage unit in your area. Keeping boxes and more oversized furniture items packed away will help your home appears more spacious, which is far more appealing to buyers as they walkthrough.

Use this as a time to clean out and declutter.

As you go through the belongings within your home, use this time to clean up and clear out by deciding what items you want to keep, donate, and discard. Only keep items you have used within the past three months, or have a plan or purpose for over the next three.  Why bring junk into your new home? It’s time for a fresh start!

Take time to coordinate your boxes – the extra work is worth it long-term!

Clearly mark your boxes once packed by documenting what is inside on a corresponding list. By doing so, you will be able to quickly place boxes into the appropriate rooms once you move, knowing which ones are a priority to unpack. Best of all, if you feel overwhelmed by all of your boxes, you can leave ones that aren’t needed right away within your local storage unit to unpack at your convenience.

Be sure to plan ahead.

Make a list of all utility companies, insurance companies, financial companies, etc., that you will need to inform of your new address to avoid missing any information once you make your move. You can also register your new address with the USPS online, quickly forwarding your mail to your new home.

Moving can be stressful. Throughout this process, take time for yourself – making sure at least one area of your home can serve as a refuge.  And, when the times get a little challenging, remember that the chaos of moving won’t last forever. To a happy move and happy home!