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To everyone’s surprise, real estate is booming, with the number of new homes on the market in July surging past 55%. In fact, the sale of existing homes rose to 6 million units, fueled by low mortgage rates, and the COVID-19 pandemic. While this is great news for the economy as a whole, sellers are concerned that competition within the market will make it more difficult for them to sell quickly and at a fair price.

If you have decided to put your home on the market, one way you can make your home more appealing to potential buyers walking through is by staging. According to Sellers: The Benefits of Staging Your Home, “Our homes represent who we are; they are life-sized memory books of our travels, they trumpet our likes, our dislikes and our beliefs. They showcase our stuff — all that stuff we have accumulated over time that speaks to us. [but] The goal of staging is to make the home speak to everyone else, in a compelling and positive way.”

With moving listed as one of the top 10 most stressful life events, we can understand why some sellers are hesitant to put staging on their list of things to do; however, since staged homes sell almost 73% faster (and at a better price), staging your home should be a priority! Remember, staging your home does not mean a major renovation is underway. Staging your home means you are simply tackling small, menial tasks that will make your home look the absolute best!

Here are 5 simple ways to update your home without hurting your wallet: 

1.) Declutter.

It is important that your closets and cabinets are neat and organized, appearing clean and orderly. If a buyer walks through and sees a mess, it will portray your home in a negative light and serve as an immediate turn off. Since you will be packing up to move anyway, consider keeping most items off site within a nearby self storage unit so that you can maximize space for potential buyers walking through.

2.) Paint.

A fresh coat of neutral paint serves as a great way to freshen up your home, and is something that can be done yourself over a day or two to alleviate costs. If you do not want to repaint your entire home, at the bare minimum, paint over any bold colors so that those taking a tour can envision their own décor within. You should remove personalized photographs from the walls as well.

3.) Update fixtures and hardware.

Investing in a few new fixtures and hardware can make your home appear more updated than it is, providing a modern touch at an affordable price. Plus, paying attention to such small details will make buyers feel your home has been well cared for.

4.) Shampoo any carpets.

Believe it or not, steaming your carpet is easy to do and affordable. If you don’t own a steamer, you can hire a company on special, or rent the equipment from your local grocery store. Doing so will provide your home with a fresh scent and appearance-which is especially important if you have children or pets.

5.) Curb Appeal.

First impressions are key. For less than $200, you can purchase some mulch, seasonal flowers, and inexpensive pots to give your home a wow-factor when buyers pull on up. Make sure any leaves are raked, and that there is a personalized touch (such as a wreath or brand new welcome mat).

By renting a self-storage unit and taking the time to make some minor updates, your home will sell at top dollar in no time!

To a successful move!