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We’re just going to come right out and say it. Your family, just like every other family, has its own brand of crazy, with certain family members falling on more extreme sides of the spectrum. What’s worse is that family members seem to know which buttons to press to get a rise out of you like no one else – making the holidays a challenge to navigate for many. One survey found that 77% of those who responded found the holidays to be the most stressful season, with 35% the most stressed by family events. To make the most of your holiday season, finding ways to navigate these stressful situations is critical. Here are some helpful tips you can use at your holiday table – and any family gathering after that!

Plan in Advance

So that you do not feel overwhelmed the day of, spend a little extra time each day leading up to your event preparing your home. If space is an issue, consider renting a local self-storage unit nearby to store more oversized items to maximize space for the big day. This will help you feel less cramped and cluttered and more energized to entertain.

Adjust your expectations.

Listen, you know your Uncle is a religious fanatic, and your Aunt is, well, nasty. Instead of getting upset when they begin being exactly who they are – why not make a game of it? Expect the comments to come, and find humor in the ridiculous, over-the-top things that are said. Then, direct your energy to something else.

.Redirect the conversation.

Try to keep hot-button topics off-limits unless your family can have respectful dialogue. As these come up, find a polite way to redirect or end the conversation. Such phrases like, “I’m so glad you found something that works for you,” or “That was very interesting, thanks for sharing” are a polite way to move the conversation in a different direction.

Keep everyone busy.

Down-time seems to be when the worst family offenders begin their rants. Rather than allow them to get on their platform – and stay there – consider having activities that everyone can focus on instead. Board games are an excellent way for everyone to join together and enjoy something fun – building great, positive memories for years to come.

Be bold when needed.

This is your home. If the conversation gets out of hand, or you feel someone is being disrespectful, you have the right to speak up. “Thank you so much for sharing your beliefs with us. It’s great to see how passionate you are about them. But, since everyone has their own opinions on the topic, and we can all agree that we would like to enjoy the evening, I think we should refrain from discussing this anymore.”

By using self-storage, taking extra time to plan, changing expectations, redirecting the conversation, and being bold when needed – you can make your holiday at home one to cherish – crazy-family and all! We wish you and your family a very happy holiday!