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Packing up clothes when moving can be one of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks. Many people do not know how to pack their clothes – and find themselves becoming overwhelmed. If you are moving into a new house or apartment this year, here’s the best way to pack your clothing and why.

First, make sure all of your clothing is clean and pressed before packing.

There’s nothing worse than packing away or giving away clothing that isn’t clean, so before you start this process, make sure you are working with freshly laundered apparel. You can then sort clothing into keep, donate, and discard piles. Keep items you have worn recently, donate items that you have not worn (and won’t), and toss items that aren’t in the best condition. Moving is the ideal time to clean up and clear out, so don’t miss this opportunity!

Then, group similar clothing items to pack together.

Take some time to group your wardrobe into categories – placing similar clothing items (such as purses, jeans, t-shirts, pajamas, suits, dresses, etc.) together. This way, you can organize (and pack up your clothing) correctly so that you are not packing gym wear and evening wear the same way.  By grouping similar clothing, you will not only stay organized but have a far easier time when you start to unpack. Just be sure to label items – whether your boxes are going straight to your new residence or a storage unit nearby – to find what you need when you need it.

To save space when packing up your clothing you should:

  • Keep clothing on hangers and wrap them with garbage bags. For dressy articles of clothing, keep them on the hanger and wrap them in garbage bags. When you pull the hanger through the top, you will essentially have the same bag you would get at the dry cleaners – protecting more elegant items from moisture and damage.

  • Use a vacuum seal for more bulky items. Some seasonal clothing items, such as winter coats, can take up a lot of room. Vacuum sealing these bulky items can free up much-needed space for other things (and help you safely store clothing that you may not need right away). Remember to only do this for clothing items you won’t need once you move in.

  • Roll your clothing up when packing – instead of folding. Rolling your clothes helps create more space than folding your clothes, so roll away! Again, this is best to do with more casual articles of clothing (verses any formal clothing item).

While packing up your clothing – and everything else – for a move may be a lot of work, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Start with clothes you don’t need right away and spend just 15-minute increments packing throughout the day – taking the time to focus on just one area at a time. By doing this, you will be able to clean, clear out, pack, and organize easily (without feeling overwhelmed).

We are wishing you a successful move!