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The beauty of the fall season combined with the excitement of school, sports and holidays, makes autumn an exciting time of year for just about everyone. The trouble is, with so many activities going on, fall can be overwhelming for most familiesespecially if you’re managing a household with young children! If you are looking for simple ways to keep your life on track this seasonand beyond, these three tips can help!

Meal Plan

Meal planning and prepping can feel as if it’s too much to take on, but with new concepts such as Cook Once, Eat All Week, you can simply prepare the main ingredients for your meals one night, then throw together delicious, healthy dinners for the rest of the week. Think about it: In the time it takes to shred some chicken in a pressure cooker, you can chop up veggies, stir together some sauces, and boom! Dinner is served—all week!  Talk about efficiency!


Did you know the messier your home is, the more stressed you feel? Of course you did! Part of feeling less anxious throughout the week is ensuring that your home is clutter-free and organized. By targeting one area of your home each day, you can decide what to keep, what to donate and what to discard, making the most use of the space you have. Plus, if space is genuinely an issue for some larger ticket items such as sports equipment or seasonal decor, storage units are available in nearly every neighborhood at affordable prices.

Cleaning Schedule

Do not feel as if you need to clean your entire house in just one day. Pick a task or an area to clean and focus on completing that, rather than trying to deep clean everything at once. If your children are able, you can even assign tasks for each of them, making the care of the home a family undertaking. With cleaning schedules available online for free, finding one that suits your lifestyle is simple, and will help to keep you on track.

By cooking strategically to stretch your meals, clearing out unnecessary clutter (using storage if need be), and developing a healthy cleaning routine for you and your family, your home will feel organized, your lives will feel less hectic, and your autumn will be all that it should be. Pumpkins, leaf piles and hot cocoa, with all those warm and fuzzy memories in between.

Happy fall!