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Renting a storage unit can be incredibly helpful for people living in a tight space or business owners operating out of small quarters. With various sizes and locations available, it’s simple to find a unit that perfectly meet your needs — without breaking the bank.

When leaving your items in storage however, it is important to keep your belongings organized so that you don’t have a room full of clutter. Whether your unit has a personal or professional purpose — stress and inefficiency will prevail if you aren’t mindful about keeping things in order.

These helpful tips will help you utilize your storage unit in the best possible way:

Don’t be lazy!

Take time to pack your belongings the right way to ensure they are safe and secure. Using bubble wrap and blankets can help protect fragile items, while utilizing boxes and storage bins will help you keep similar items grouped together.

Labels, lists and colors galore.

Before you place any items into your storage unit, be sure to make note of them on a checklist so that you know what you have in your unit and when it was removed. Color coordinating and numbering your boxes will help you keep track of where items are so that you don’t have to waste time searching.

Always accessible.

Keep items you need on a regular basis readily available by placing them in the front of your unit, with other less needed items towards the back.

Bigger isn’t always better.

Break down any pieces of furniture or other large items so that they take up the least amount of space. By disassembling items and keeping belongings compact, you will have more room to store other things you need (saving you much needed space).

Purge the junk!

If you don’t need it, haven’t used it, and don’t have a tangible purpose for it in the near future — get rid of it. The last thing you want your storage unit to turn into is a room full of junk. It is there  to help you maximize efficiency by providing a space to keep necessary belongings (for yourself or your business), not your miscellaneous, “Maybe one day I’ll [FILL IN THE BLANK]” stuff!

Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.”
-A.A. Milne

With a little extra effort and intentional planning, you can ensure your organized storage unit will enhance your life, rather than cause you unnecessary stress.

Happy Storing!