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Have you decided to tackle a hobby for the New Year?

A survey of more than 2,000 people found that 26% of individuals wanted to take on a new skill or hobby, which isn’t surprising. A poll conducted by Y Pulse for their article, Most of Gen Z & Millenials’ Top 20 Hobbies Are Offline, found that, “…80% of Gen Z and Millennials have at least one hobby.”

Hobbies have been found to decrease stress and improve overall health and wellness. In fact, a survey of 702 adults found that, “Those who dedicated 100+ hours a year to their arts engagement reported significantly better mental health than those with 0-99 hours dedicated.” It also found that young people who “…participate in team sports have significantly less experiences with depression, stress and anxiety.” 

The fact that more and more American’s are choosing to partake in a hobby they enjoy is wonderful news… The only problem is, most people avoid taking on a hobby because they simply don’t have the room they need at home for it!

Why Americans Are Leaning Towards Smaller Homes, states that cost is a major factor for the smaller home trend, since a smaller home means, “…smaller mortgages, lower development costs and reduced spending on management and upkeep. Smaller spaces also mean smaller costs all around from utilities, taxes, raw materials and maintenance to furnishings and other interior decor.” They go on to say that since, “Cost is especially concerning for millennials, who overwhelmingly suffer from student loan debt….many young people are buying smaller homes…”

While libraries and parks throughout the country offer space to tackle various crafts and projects, finding room to take on more personal, collective or time consuming endeavors can be a challenge. That’s why hobbyists have turned to renting self-storage units within their neighborhoods.

Storage facilities offer climate controlled units and 24-7 surveillance. Some even offer drive up access so that you can load and unload larger items with ease. And with units available in nearly any size, finding one that fits your monthly budget is a breeze.

Still not sure?

Here are 10 hobbies that can be taken on this New Year using mini-storage

  • Classic Cars: Cars can be repaired and stored safely, minimizing the risk for damage.

  •  Boat Storage: With drive up access, boats can be safely washed and stored off-site, close to your favorite lake or ocean.
  • Motorcycle Storage: Have more than one? Keep them safe from the elements and out of your garage by placing motorcycles and accessories in mini-storage.
  • Painting Studio: Perfect place to be creative and a bit messy!
  • Creative Writing Space: Make your storage unit your own private sanctuary where you can go to write in peace.
  • Crafting: Spread out and let your creative juices fly with plenty of room to scrapbook, build or put together your masterpiece!
  • Collecting: Enjoy collecting antiques or memorabilia? Keep your collections safe and secure, without taking up space within your home.
  • Train Layouts: Build one as large as your heart desires, with unlimited space to spread out!
  • Sports Equipment: Keep seasonal sports equipment such as skis, kayaks, and camping gear out of your garage and attic, maximizing space for items you need on a daily basis.
  • Exercise Equipment: Set up your own private exercise space to use at your leisure!

Pursue your passions while maximizing space within your home by renting a storage unit near you today!

The ultimate dream in life is to be able to do what you love and learn something from it.” -Jennifer Love Hewitt

Wishing you a happy and hobby-filled New Year!