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Moving to college brings a whole slew of challenges, especially if you are going to be dorming far away from home. However, college students across the country have found that renting a self-storage unit close to their university has helped minimize the stress associated with moving. Want to know how?

Storage Units Maximize Dorm Room Space
Dorms are notoriously small and shared between two, three (and sometimes more!) people. In fact, according to the Washington Post’s article, College Dorm Rooms: The First Test Collegiates Cram For, “College dorm rooms, with their notoriously skimpy dimensions, are getting more cramped.” Students do come up with creative ideas to help stretch their space, but let’s face it. There’s never enough room.

With space limited and stuff well, largerenting a self-storage unit and splitting the cost amongst friends can help make your dorm more spacious, allowing you to keep seasonal items (such as clothing and sports equipment) nearby for use. With sizes designed to fit any budget, finding one that is well suited for your specific needs is a breeze, without breaking the bank.

Storage Units Mean You Can Pack Less
Every college students dreads packing up once their school-year is through, lugging countless items home that they will only need to lug on back once the following year begins. Since most people pack way too much anyway, the idea of getting everything ready is overwhelming, especially with exams to cram for at the end of the season.

Rather than wasting your time bringing items back and forth each year, a self-storage unit that’s close to campus can help alleviate the stress of travel and packing for you and your family, making your move to and from school a breeze. Remember, the less time you have to spend worrying about logistics, the better. Your academics come first.

Storage Units Can Help You Post-Graduation
Finding a job right out of college can be challenging, but not impossible! If you are certain you will be employed straight out of college and plan on residing close to where your campus was, you can easily rent a smaller 1 bedroom or studio apartment, knowing your larger belongings are safe and secure in a nearby storage unit.

With the average college student (nearly 70%) graduating with significant debt to pay, renting a smaller apartment combined with the cost of an inexpensive storage unit, can help you tackle those student loans quickly. The earlier you can pay them off, the better!

So this school year, consider renting a self-storage unit to make that tiny dorm of yours feel more spacious, save time and energy packing, and minimize expenses after graduation to help pay off those loans. You certainly won’t regret it!