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While the economy has certainly taken a hit due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the housing market has seen a positive up-turn due to the recent decrease in mortgage rates. Since interest rates are now at an all time low, countless people across the country have decided to put their homes on the market and search for a new one. In fact, some areas have found that the housing marketing is doing far better than it was pre-coronavirus, which comes as a complete surprise! If you are one of many who are looking to take advantage of the market and sell your home this summer, here are 3 ways you can sell, pack, and move with ease.

1.) Stage Your Current Home

Summer months are typically the most popular and competitive when putting your home on the market – and with lower interest rates, the competition has only increased. As such, making your home stand out against others in your area is important to achieve a quick sale. Though some realtors suggest lowering your price in order to create a bidding war, most realtors recommend listing your home at a fair price, while simultaneously making your home appear as if it is the most valuable through staging.

Before you begin to panic about the cost, consider the return. Recent surveys have found that over 58% of realtors believe buyers offer more for staged homes, at a rate of 10% and higher, which is quite the surplus! Best of all – staging doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In addition to making some simple updates such as fresh paint, neutral decor, newer fixtures and landscaping, you can keep boxes you have already packed, and larger, less desirable items to display within a local self storage unit to make your home appear more spacious.

2.) Find Reputable Movers

Movers are notorious for jacking up their price once they arrive the day of, then holding items hostage until the new price is paid. That is why finding a reputable moving company is vital. Ensure your movers check out your home first, providing you with a detailed contract and itemized expense list, as well as an anticipated time log. Everything – from larger items, packing supplies, overtime, and insurance, should be listed out for you to review.

In addition to sorting through contracts and prices with a fine tooth comb, be sure to search online (and ask around), reading through various reviews and ratings individually. Remember: going with the lowest bid isn’t always the best option. Take into consideration all of the details listed within your contract, the level of professionalism, and the reviews you have seen before making a decision.

3.) Pack and Store Strategically

Color coordinate boxes based on room, and then number them along with a corresponding list  that states what is within each box. This way, your boxes can easily be placed into the appropriate room when being delivered and you will know exactly what is within each. This will allow you to quickly tend to boxes that should be unpacked immediately. The rest can stay within your self storage unit for a few weeks while you get settled. Do not try to unpack each and every item at once. You WILL become overwhelmed, and burn out. Moving is stressful, so finding ways to alleviate clutter and anxiety is truly key.

By staging, finding reputable movers, utilizing self storage, and packing strategically, your move is bound to go off without a hitch (unless, of course, you need one)!

Wishing you a successful sale and move!