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If you and your family are planning to move this spring, these simple tips will help keep you organized as your pack up your belongings to ship, and sort through your belongings as they arrive.


Determining what to keep and what to discard can be the most challenging part of all. Keep in mind before starting that your goal is to de-clutter. If you haven’t seen an item in years, haven’t used it, and truly have no plans for it, get rid of it. Packing light will help you start your new life in your new home, clutter-free! And if you do decide to keep an item, be certain it’s something you truly have a use for.

Finding Boxes

You can purchase boxes through your local self storage center or hardware store. Sometimes, you can even obtain boxes for free from your local grocery store, all you have to do is ask!

Maximizing Space

To make sure your home is spacious for potential buyers walking through, consider renting a self storage unit in your area to keep boxes that are packed and ready to go. With sizes designed to fit any budget, finding one that works for you won’t be a hassle.

Coordinating Boxes

Color coordinate your boxes, making large visible notations for boxes that contain items of high priority. These will be the boxes you will want to unpack first when moving into your new home. Keep a corresponding list on hand that documents what is inside of each box to help you find items you need. You can leave boxes that aren’t a priority away in your storage unit, so that you can focus on the ones you need right away. Unpacking a little at a time will help prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by everything at once.

Changing Utilities

Consider using a concierge service when switching your utilities. They will contact utility companies on your behalf, saving you much needed time. You can also register your new address with the USPS easily online, forwarding your mail to your new home with a click of a button.

Find joy in everything you choose to do. Every job, relationship, home… it’s your responsibility to love it, or change it.” -Chuck Palahniuk

Remember to take a moment to step back from the chaos of moving, embrace your family, and make memories you will share a lifetime. Yes, moving can be a bit crazy. Heck, a bit more than crazy. But the love you and your family share will be forever within your happy new home. So embrace the madness, laugh through the slip-ups and be focused on the future.

To a happy move!