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COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, with schools closed, events cancelled, businesses shutting down, and unfortunately, mass furloughs and layoffs. With the virus expected to apex soon, more and more Americans have been ordered to shelter in place, only leaving their homes for essential services, such as trips to the grocery store or pharmacy.

Experts agree that finding things to do while in quarantine is important for your mental health and well being. They advise hobbies that can be completed at home, taking online courses, reading some fun material, and tackling various projects that you need to get done but never have had the time to do.

If getting your home organized is one of the projects you have been meaning to take on, now is the perfect time. These 4 simple tips will help you get your home clutter free, alleviating stress and maximizing space during this surreal season.

1.) Focus on one section of your home at a time.

Pick one area at a time and target it. Determine what items you should keep, what you should donate and what you should simply discard. Note that sanitation departments are changing their routines to minimize risk during the COVID-19 pandemic, so be sure to check with your municipality to see what it is you can put out on the curb and what you need to hold. Regardless of the protocol, if you don’t need it, it’s time to clear it out.

2.) Utilize boxes and bins to organize items you decide to keep.

Boxes, bins, and various other organizing materials can be ordered online, helping you find the perfect place to keep your belongings. One expert we spoke to said that when people try to get themselves organized, they typically only look at options that are eye level and below, never considering wall space that is above. Shelving, hooks and over-the-door hangers provide a great option for miscellaneous items, and help to keep your home clutter-free!

3.) Rent self storage for items that are large or seasonal in order to maximize space.

Let’s face it, some items – such as camping gear, sports equipment, and seasonal decor – are simply too big to keep at home. Consider renting a self-storage unit for these belongings so that you can utilize the space within your home for items you need on a daily basis. Various sizes and amenities are available, and almost all offer 24-7 security. Best of all, storage facilities are offering great deals for new renters in nearly every neighborhood, so finding one that meets your needs and budget is simple.

4.) Develop a cleaning schedule you and your family can stick to.

Once your home is clutter-free, it’s important to stick to a regular cleaning and decluttering routine so that your belongings remain organized. There are a plethora of cleaning schedules and charts available online, that break down tasks into monthly, weekly and daily projects you can assign to each member of your family. Everyone that lives within your home should be responsible for its upkeep – and if it’s just you, breaking the routine down into smaller, scheduled segments will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

With the coronavirus changing life as we know it, finding ways to lessen the stress at home is important, which is why getting organized can help. Clutter has been proven to cause stress and anxiety, and in times such as these (while we are mandated to remain home) making your home a sanctuary is key to getting through this.

In the words of former president Barack Obama, in America, “We don’t fear the future; we shape it. We embrace it, as one people, stronger together than we are on our own.”

We will get through this stronger, better (and more organized!) than ever before!

Stay home. Stay safe.