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With your new addition making it’s arrival, finding ways to maximize space within your home is key. These 5 simple tips to get and remain organized are certain to help you make the most of your square footage, clearing out clutter for years to come!

Sort Clothing in Real-Time

Children outgrow clothing rapidly, leaving little time to get everything boxed together and organized as you would for yourself. Rather than trying to keep up, be preemptive by hanging clothes up in size order and clearly marking bins placed below.  As your child outgrows clothing items, toss them into the corresponding bins in real-time, saving you the hassle of sorting through clothing later on. Best of all, if you plan on having more children, you can easily store the bins in a local self-storage unit, helping to keep your closets clutter free.   

Break Down Large Items to Store

Most of your baby gear can be broken down and folded up into smaller pieces, then easily placed within self-storage for safe keeping. Before packing items away, be sure to  clean and wrap pieces thoroughly, keeping screws, accessories and instructions attached and accessible within a ziplock bag so that you can reassemble everything with ease.

Rotate Toys Every Few Weeks

Typically, when a child has too many toys, they become overwhelmed and choose not to play with anything. Instead of having all of your toys available for your child to play with, rotate toys from your home to your storage unit and back every few weeks. This will not only keep toys fresh and interesting for your little one, but it will help keep your home clutter-free!

Donate or Sell Items You Don’t Need

As you sort through and organize your belongings, be sure to continuously determine if you truly have need for each item. Is your new baby going to use this again? If not, do you think another one of your children could (if you plan on having more)? If you no longer have need for an item, donate it to a local non-profit, or even sell it to a second hand children’s store. While it may be difficult to say goodbye to some things, new things will come during each season of your child’s life, making additional space of the utmost importance.

Baskets and Bins

Keep toys stored away in baskets and bins within your play space for easy pick up. Not only can you just toss toys away quickly, but your child(ren) will be able to help clean up with minimal fuss. And remember, no toy will be put away perfectly (so give up the battle now).

By sorting clothing in real time, breaking down larger items, donating or selling items you no longer need and having some designated baskets and bins, you can rest assured you are ahead of the game with a plan in place to ensure your home doesn’t become inundated by stuff!

Wishing you all the best on your parenting journey.

Happy organizing!