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With budgets tight and timelines ever-changing, home renovations fall pretty high on the “I’m about to lose my mind” scale. In fact, according to Business Insider, “Remodeling is like a crash course in the viability of a relationship…Large sums of money are involved, plus ego, personal preferences, childhood dreams, high stress, forced collaboration—the list goes on.” In order to keep stress at a minimum for you and your family, consider these helpful tips to keep your project organized and on track.

Understand What You Are Doing And Why

If you are renovating with the intention of selling, or simply renovating to meet your family’s own personal needs or preferences, understanding your home’s value is an important step to ensuring you understand the larger scope of your project. Utilizing easy-to-access websites such as Trulia, Zillow or Realtor can help you estimate your home’s value by comparing it to other properties within your area. However, if you are renovating to sell, it is best to speak directly with a realtor or even obtain a home appraisal to get a more accurate quote.

Stick To Your Budget & Plan

Undercover Architect states in Budget-Blowing Mistakes When Building or Renovating that, “GJ Gardner homes, recently conducted a survey of 500 homeowners who had built their homes in the last decade. The research uncovered this fact: Almost two-thirds (62.5%) of Owner-Builders ran over their budget.” They go on to say that one of the reasons people go over budget is that most people change the goal posts from their original version. Needless to say, once you and your partner have determined a budget and project scope you are comfortable with, you need to stick to it, regardless!

Find a  Contractor Through Personal Referrals

There is no better way to find a reputable contractor than by obtaining referrals from people who have used them personally. Ask friends or family members for recommendations, or even utilize neighborhood message boards such as Nextdoor to sort through businesses of interest. Remember, going with the lowest bid isn’t always the best idea, so choose a contractor that provides a fair price and service combination along with having excellent reviews.

Clear The Area When Work Begins

Any project within your home may require you to move valuable furniture and belongings. However, if you are embarking on a major home renovation, moving items from room to room is not a viable option. Instead, consider renting a self storage unit to increase your work space and keep your items damage-free. This is especially helpful if you are preparing your home to sell, enabling you to store your boxes and stage your home as needed.

By staying on target and within budget, finding a reputable contractor, and maximizing space while the renovation is taking place, your projects should run smoothly.

A happy renovation to you!