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Dear Storage Seeker:

We learned this week that our school district here in Los Angeles is delaying in-person learning. While my partner and I agree that it is in fact the right decision, we have very limited space here at home. We are both working from home, and now our 2 kids will be “working from home” too. How the heck are we going to make this “work….from home”? Pun intended.

Please help.

Seeking margarita break.


Dear Parents:

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

You have done your due diligence by God and by country, and just when you thought you might actually get a bit of a break, you are thrust into the throws of additional responsibility with seemingly no end in sight. We hear you, and we’re with you (crayons in one hand, computer in the other).

In the meantime, we recommend playing a game of hide and go seek….you’re it! Indulge in a half gallon of ice cream, while occasionally shouting out obscure numbers. You are guaranteed at least 4.3467 minutes of peace. Not that we have any experience with that, of course!

Anyways, back to the question! You are out of space, and slowly losing your sanity. Since sanity is hard to come by (sorry), we will focus on your space issue.

1.) Find ways to clean up and clear out, chances are you have more items than you need that are taking up prime real estate at home. In other words, your junk has got to go!

Let’s face it – it’s far simpler to put something away and not think twice about it again, until your dresser or closet is filled and spilling over into the next room. Rather than get into the crazy “there’s not enough space” screaming cycle (again, no experience there), we recommend targeting one specific area of your home each day, spending 20 minutes doing a deep clean.

Sort through belongings determining if it is something you should keep, donate, or discard – assessing the item’s purpose with honesty and intention. If the item is a keep, but is genuinely too large to store within your home, may we suggest renting a local self storage space to help maximize space? You knew we would – storage is our passion, after all!

By keeping larger items such as sports equipment, seasonal décor, seasonal clothing, or collectibles off-site, there will be room within your home for items you need on a daily basis. This will help alleviate some anxiety and stress. Plus, with various sizes and move-in specials available for new renters, renting a self-storage unit is easy and affordable.

2.) There are various portable desk options that work well within small spaces.

If work space is an issue, consider purchasing a Murphy desk or a folding cocktail table (that you can sit or stand at) to use during the day. Doing so allows you the space you need when you need it, and then the ability to fold the item and place it away when your work and school day is through. This is especially important to help you wind down and feel less overwhelmed, since work, school, home, and play are all indeed sharing a space. Consider it a way to compartmentalize your responsibilities. What was that word… sanity? Yes, sanity. It is a way to keep that flowing.

3.) Set a specific schedule and stick to it each day.

Just as it is important to set up a collapsible work space, it is important to develop a set schedule and stick to it. This is just as important for your children’s success as it is for your own. Make sure that schedule has breaks you can take to enjoy one another’s company, whether it be a walk around the block or lunch outside on the patio. And, when the work or school day is through, shut down and be done with it – spending some fun time together. These are moments for each of you to feel loved and secure, providing a sense of normalcy.

One day, we will miss all of this time together. You know, when the kids are at grandma’s for the evening and we can sleep in. Until then, onward work, school…everything from home soldier – you shall reign victorious!