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Dear Storage Seeker:

This fall, my wife and I have decided to sell our home to avoid the spring and summertime rush. She thinks we should just sell it as-is and move on, but I think we should stage it a little before we have potential buyers walkthrough. Is it that expensive to do? We’re moving on a bit of a budget. If not, can you provide us with a few simple tips? Thanks for your time.

Selling in Idaho.


Dear Selling in Idaho:

Congratulations on your decision to move – it’s a big and bold one for sure! A growing number of American families are choosing to sell their homes in the fall for the same reason (to search for a home without getting entangled in a bidding war). While we would love to tell you that buying and selling during the fall is easier (and it is, somewhat), it can still be a challenge for sellers to get top-dollar if their home doesn’t strike a “love-it” cord. That’s why staging is so necessary.

Stage your home so that it appeals to buyers as they walkthrough.

When sellers hear they should “stage their home,” they automatically think that staging their home will be expensive. While many sellers could spend a pretty penny getting their homes in tip-top shape to sell, staging doesn’t have to be very much money. It is possible to stage your home for very little, and the returns will be well worth it. According to The Mortgage Report, the Real Estate Staging Association found that “…homes which are staged before going on the market sell 73% faster, on average, than their non-staged counterparts.”

Make your home appear more spacious by keeping boxes and significant-sized items off-site!

Let’s face it. It is quite the challenge to make a home appear spacious while you’re trying to live out of boxes. However, if you rent a self-storage unit nearby, you can keep packed boxes and more oversized furniture items out of the picture (making your home appear far bigger to those walking through). The more spacious your home feels, the better!

Consider a fresh coat of neutral paint throughout your home.

Photos of yourself should be removed, as well as any bold, striking decor. Remember, you want your home to appear in a way that those walking through can envision themselves living there. As such, repainting in a neutral color and removing all personal touches can help.

Moving can be stressful. It is crucial throughout this process to find time to simply “be” by finding ways to relax. Some choose to leave an area within their homes untouched as a refuge to retreat to until the very last minute, while others prefer to spend as much time out of the house as possible. Whatever that may be, figure out what works best for you so that you can wind down after a hectic day.

No matter what you decide, simple staging through self-storage and neutral decor is the way to go! We wish you a quick, stress-free, and successful sale! Happy moving!