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With work schedules more relaxed and the kids home from school, summer is the ideal time for families to sell their current home and find a new one. In fact, according to The Mortgage Reports, “…summer is a top time of year to sell. In some regions, June is tops for home closing. In fact, June 28 is the most likely day in the year to close a home, according to ATTOM Data Solutions.”

If you and your family are making a move this summer, you’ll find many tips and tricks to help make packing a breeze. There are suggestions for finding reputable movers and packing valuables, as well as ideas to keep your kids entertained during the entire process. And while all of these moving hacks are innovative and helpful, there is one additional way you can ensure your move is seamless: rent mini-storage nearby.

Did you know self storage is not just for people moving across the country? In fact, renting a unit can be beneficial for even the most local of moves. Here are the top 3 reasons you should consider renting storage near you when selling your home:

1.) Staging your home

Staging your home is of the utmost importance if you’re looking to get the best price when selling. HGTV says that, “…the reality is that the moment you commit to marketing your home for sale, you need to commit to transforming your home into a place that potential buyers can easily picture as their home.”

In order to stage your home, you need to make it appear neutral and spacious to potential buyers. By keeping boxes and larger furniture items away in a storage unit, you can maximize space within each room, making it more appealing for those walking through.

2.) Renovations

According to A Building Concern: Risk of Theft during a Home Remodel, “…3.3 percent of homes under construction will suffer a break in or theft. This means that roughly 1 in every 33 homes a contractor is working on will get burglarized or suffer some level of theft. The cost of this theft has an average cost of 1.5%-2% of the total remodel…”

Whether you are renovating your current home to sell or undergoing renovations within your new home, renting self-storage will ensure your personal belongings remain safe and secure, providing 24-7 video surveillance and key-coded entry. Plus, with units available in various sizes, it’s simple to find one that meets your specific budgetary needs.

3.) Unpack at your convenience

In The worst thing about moving house? Why, packing, of course, a recent survey found that people “…hated packing… Unpacking (and trying to find things while doing so), hiring people to help with the move, and cleaning were all, unsurprisingly, top of the list of least liked chores. “ They went on to say, “And that’s just the move itself; completely unpacking after the move takes on average three to four weeks, with 12 percent of us admitting to still living out of boxes a year after the move.”

If the idea of packing and unpacking has you overwhelmed, utilizing a storage facility to store your boxes can keep your home clutter-free and organized, allowing you to unpack at your convenience. Just ensure your storage unit has your boxes coordinated properly so that you can unpack necessities quickly and leave the rest for a later date.

By utilizing a local storage rental, you can stage your home, renovate your home, and pack and unpack with ease, making your summer move a successful one!

Happy moving!