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It always happens right after the holidays.

An influx of stuff as far as the eye can see.

You have old items and new.

Gifts and garbage.

Rather than pull your hair out in disarray and begin searching for a new home, take a moment to step back, regroup and breathe.

Your stuff is not in control of you, you are in control of it (it just doesn’t feel like that right now).

Let us help you de-clutter, de-stress and get things in order (cue Rocky theme music) to set your new year up for success.

The Closet of Doom

Okay, we all have one. That closet that sits at the back of the hall known as the land-o-junk. Items piled high as the ceiling, with no reason or order to anything placed there. Nothing ever comes out, but things always go in. How this closet hasn’t caved into the floor is a mystery, but you’re ready to face it head on (did we mention, Rocky music?).

Place three extremely large plastic bins on the floor (easy to find at Ace or any home improvement center) and label them Keep, Donate and Dispose (aka, JUNK). Sort accordingly.

If items are ones you believe truly have a purpose, hang on to them to organize. If they aren’t purposeful to you but may be to someone else, give them to the Goodwill. And if you are pretty confident they’re junk (most of that stuff likely is) TOSS it, cause ain’t nobody got time for that!

About Face!

According to Business Insider, we only wear
 20% of our clothing. In order to determine what you truly need to keep within your closet and what you don’t, flip all of your hangers around the opposite way (placing the item/hanger back the appropriate way once you use it). You’ll know if you haven’t touched an item by July because the hanger will still be flipped, and you’ll have no excuse to stop you from donating it to your local salvation army (unless of course you feel it’s better left to the trash).

If you have a small closet to begin with and need a space to keep seasonal clothing or decor, consider renting a self storage unit in your neighborhood. With many different sizes to choose from, locating one that works within your budget should be quite simple, and will help you maximize much needed space for items you need on a regular basis at home.

What exactly is in the pantry?

Feel like you have a ton of food in your pantry but not entirely sure what’s in there? It’s time to do a deep clean to remove any expired product and determine what exactly you have and need. Once cleared out, consider organizing your pantry by zones. You’ll be surprised how much you save by not buying duplicates (and will also feel as if the items you have on hand are useful, rather than shelves lined with mystery food).

Pick up your mess…

Keeping your home clutter free is a lifestyle, and one that can be embraced with minor, daily changes.

Emptying your pockets? Place keys in small baskets and put your change in a piggy bank.

Have garbage? Throw it out in real time (enlightening, we know).

Holding onto an item? If you can’t think of a real reason to keep it, don’t!

This year is the one where your home becomes your organized, de-cluttered sanctuary.

To the new and improved clutter-free you!

Go Rocky, go!