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StorageSeeker.com is pleased to announce the debut of its Self Storage Rent Index, a monthly monitor of self storage price changes across the United States. Since storage units are rented by approximately 10% of US households and millions of businesses, knowing if rents are increasing or decreasing in the city where you rent storage or are moving can save a consumer or business a lot of money over time.

In November 2016, the National Self Storage Rent Index declined by -0.7% on average, while some cities experienced much larger price changes. The below cities are the Top 50 major markets that saw the most self storage rent movement.

Top 50 Average Self Storage Price Decreases in Major Markets

City, State Nov 2016 % Change
Waterbury, CT -16.7%
Roseville, CA -12.1%
Cary, NC -10.0%
Palatine, IL -9.0%
Fremont, CA -8.0%
Santa Clara, CA -7.8%
Alexandria, VA -6.9%
Buffalo, NY -6.3%
Independence, MO -6.1%
Arvada, CO -6.1%
Columbia, MO -6.0%
Temecula, CA -6.0%
Garland, TX -5.5%
Fairfax, VA -5.4%
Plymouth, MA -5.4%
Miami, FL -5.0%
Colorado Springs, CO -5.0%
Athens, GA -4.9%
Columbia, SC -4.7%
Carlsbad, CA -4.7%
Huntsville, AL -4.4%
West Covina, CA -4.4%
Oakland, CA -4.3%
Flint, MI -4.3%
Aurora, CO -4.1%
Anderson, SC -4.1%
Omaha, NE -4.1%
Philadelphia, PA -3.9%
Irvine, CA -3.8%
Aurora, IL -3.6%
Costa Mesa, CA -3.5%
Rancho Cucamonga, CA -3.5%
Springfield, MO -3.4%
Arlington, TX -3.4%
Santa Barbara, CA -3.3%
Spring, TX -3.3%
Frederick, MD -3.2%
Schaumburg, IL -3.2%
Kansas City, MO -3.2%
Elizabeth, NJ -3.1%
Kalamazoo, MI -3.0%
Kansas City, KS -3.0%
San Diego, CA -2.9%
Warren, OH -2.9%
Long Island City, NY -2.9%
Los Angeles, CA -2.9%
Houston, TX -2.8%
Durham, NC -2.8%
Detroit, MI -2.8%
Grand Rapids, MI -2.8%

Top 50 Average Self Storage Price Increases in Major Markets

City, State Nov 2016 % Change
Hayward, CA 54.2%
Monterey, CA 28.4%
Daly City, CA 18.0%
Burlington, NJ 9.5%
Warren, MI 7.1%
Honolulu, HI 6.3%
Garden Grove, CA 6.3%
Little Rock, AR 4.2%
Raleigh, NC 3.9%
Elgin, IL 3.9%
Greenville, SC 3.9%
New York, NY 3.8%
Corona, CA 3.7%
Antioch, CA 3.7%
Stockton, CA 3.6%
High Point, NC 3.2%
Jersey City, NJ 3.2%
York, PA 2.9%
Berkeley, CA 2.7%
Worcester, MA 2.4%
Somerset, NJ 2.4%
Moreno Valley, CA 2.1%
Lisle, IL 2.1%
Murfreesboro, TN 1.9%
Riverside, CA 1.9%
San Bernardino, CA 1.8%
Baltimore, MD 1.7%
Birmingham, AL 1.7%
Downey, CA 1.5%
Anchorage, AK 1.5%
Stamford, CT 1.5%
Anaheim, CA 1.3%
Cape Coral, FL 1.3%
Mesquite, TX 1.3%
Ventura, CA 1.2%
Irving, TX 1.2%
Lyons, IL 1.2%
Lancaster, PA 1.1%
Richmond, VA 0.9%
Carrollton, TX 0.9%
Hollywood, FL 0.9%
Newark, NJ 0.8%
New Castle, DE 0.8%
Corpus Christi, TX 0.8%
Yonkers, NY 0.7%
Lancaster, CA 0.7%
Fayetteville, NC 0.6%
Providence, RI 0.6%
Charlotte, NC 0.6%
Lansing, MI 0.5%

About StorageSeeker.com’s Self Storage Rent Index

StorageSeeker.com’s Self Storage Rent Index looks at rent changes for same-store units in over 3,000 cities around the country to monitor the overall health of the self storage rental industry on both a national and local level.

About StorageSeeker.com

StorageSeeker.com is the nation’s leading online self storage reservation website with hundreds of thousands of self storage units available to reserve for rent from thousands of self storage facilities across the United States. StorageSeeker.com gives consumers the ability to compare storage prices for different unit sizes and locations while also typically providing discounted rental rates or a move-in special when a unit is reserved online.