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If you are heading home after your college semester, you may be wondering how to pack up and move out in a timely, low-stress manner – especially when you have to head back in just a few months. For students that live close to campus, this is less of an issue. But, for many students who live out-of-state, the end of the year can be quite challenging.

Self-storage units are an affordable, convenient solution.

With self-storage facilities located in almost every city, finding a self-storage unit close to your college campus is a breeze. Best of all, with sizes designed to match any budget, you are guaranteed to locate a unit that meets your needs (and budget). Plus, if you decide to split a unit with a roommate or two, the already affordable rate will be even lower.

Storage units provide the flexibility you need throughout the school year.

Instead of packing your belongings up each summer to head home, you can keep items close to campus in mini-storage so that you can just focus on your trip. Your items will be safe and secure through the season, ready for you when the next semester begins. With month-to-month options available, you can keep your unit for as long (or as short) as you like.

What are some popular sized storage units for college students?

Though numerous sized units are available, going up to 10×10, 10×15, and 10×20, the most popular size storage units that college students tend to rent are 5×5 units and 5×10 units. 5×5 units are best suited for an individual student who doesn’t have many items to store, while a 5×10 would be better for a particular student with large furniture items.

What other amenities are available?

All storage facilities provide 24-7 security, with secure entry-lock systems. Most even offer climate control at no additional charge. Some storage units have drive-up access, which is convenient if you have larger items such as furniture, sports, or musical equipment to store over the summer months.

How else can a self-storage unit be beneficial for college students?

Renting self-storage can help maximize dorm room space, serving as a spot to store seasonal or larger items. They are also a great option for students that are studying abroad and need a place to store items interim. Some students that are interning between semesters choose to rent self-storage as well so that they can live within a smaller apartment and save money.

What else can college students do to prepare to move?

Whether this is your first semester at college or you are several semesters in, the best way to prepare for your move back to college is to coordinate what you are bringing with your roommate(s) so that you don’t over or under pack. Dorms are small, and apartments are expensive-collaborating will save you space (and money).

By renting a self-storage unit close to campus, college students can maximize space, make moving a breeze, and prepare for their future. Consider making self-storage a part of your college experience today!