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Regrets. Everybody has them. But when you look back at a price tag of nearly $30,000 per year or more, you certainly wish you had done things differently.

In fact, a Gallup poll conducted in June of 2017 states that, “…the majority of Americans (51%) who pursued a postsecondary education would change their degree type, institution or major.” Broken down, “…the most common education decision Americans say they would redo is their field of study (36%), followed by choosing a different institution (28%). And 12% would get a different type of degree entirely.”

With the pressure on for success, focusing on these three key areas are certain to keep your college experience in check, leaving you feeling empowered upon graduation, rather than remorseful.


According to Canadian-American Economist Alex Tabarrok, “Education is the key to the future: You’ve heard it a million times, and it’s not wrong. Educated people have higher wages and lower unemployment rates, and better-educated countries grow faster and innovate more than other countries. But going to college is not enough. You also have to study the right subjects.”

While pursuing a major based on your expected income is not exactly a means towards happiness, finding a major that not only appeals to you, but is beneficial within the job market is fundamentally important. Consider searching through the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for lists of various fields with corresponding educational requirements to see if your passions align, because passion alone won’t bring you joy if you can’t provide for your basic needs.


American Actress and Singer Tatyana Ali once said that she, “…lived on campus to get the college experience” with five roommates that she still “keeps in touch with” while on the road.

Many amazing relationships can be formed during your college years, which is why engaging with people from different cultural backgrounds, having new experiences and being open minded to ideas and principles that are different from your own is an important part of the college experience.

However, according to The 10 Most Overrated Things About College Life, “For four years of your life, you were allowed to do just about anything and call it experimenting…it gets old. Quick.” Be sure to keep the “social” aspect of your college life in check, ensuring your academics (the most important facet to college) remain at the forefront of all that you do.


Attending a school that’s far from home is certainly a hassle, especially when having to lug items back and forth after each year. Instead of doing so, consider renting a self-storage unit nearby to keep your belongings safe and secure when the school year is through. Better yet, rent a storage unit with some friends to keep the cost low, helping to alleviate stress for each of you and your families (cause we all know mom and dad are the ones to load up the car).

Remember, your dorm room will be small and shared, so finding ways you and your roommate can maximize space is an integral part to remaining organized throughout the year.

By focusing on your academics, keeping social outings in check and remaining organized and clutter-free, your college experience is certain to set you up for a bright future.

I went to – I got a wonderful college education. I went to Harvard. In those four years, I accumulated a lot of knowledge, but I also created a kind of habit of learning that has stayed with me my whole life.” John Lithgow

Enjoy the journey, regret free!