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Dear Storage Seeker: I am heading off to college this fall. My parents said I should rent a self-storage unit that is close to my campus. I know that you will agree – but can you give me three reasons why? I am excited for this semester and want to make sure I make the best decisions possible. Thanks so much for your time! Sincerely: Incoming College Freshman

Dear College Freshman: You know that self-storage is our thing, so of course, we agree with your parents! But, in all honesty, your parents are right (beyond our self-storage affiliation). Here are the top three reasons why renting a self-storage unit is beneficial for college students:

1.) Trust us when we say you will need all the space you can get!

Your dorm will be tiny. Like, super small. According to Dorm Stormer, the average dorm room is “…typically smaller than 130 square feet, and on average, they’re normally even smaller than that.” Dorm rooms are shared between two or three people, making it necessary to utilize every inch of space well. Since space will be limited, renting self-storage as a place to keep more oversized items, such as seasonal clothing and sports equipment, will stretch the area you have. Plus, if you and your roommates split the cost, the already affordable price drops to almost nothing each month. 

2.) Having a storage unit close by will make packing back up to head home a breeze.

If you think packing everything up to head off to college is stressful, you haven’t experienced packing everything back up to head home! Rent a self-storage unit close to campus, and your family will thank you. Rather than wasting your time bringing items back and forth each year, you can store things within your unit until the following semester. A win for all!

3.) What if renting a self-storage unit can help you beyond college?

If you are attending college in a city that you would like to continue to live in or work in, you can rent a self-storage unit to keep items as you pursue your interests. This means, if you take on an internship during the summer or find employment once your college semester is through, you can choose to rent an apartment that is smaller and more affordable since oversized items will be left off-site.  Since locations are typically climate-controlled with 24-7 security, you can rest assured your belongings will be safe.

Renting a self-storage unit will make your dorm more spacious, save you and your family from the hassle of re-packing, and minimize your living expenses after graduation. If we could take a moment to leave you with one additional piece of advice, it would be from former First Lady Michelle Obama, who said, “Do not be afraid to ask for help. Nobody gets through college on their own.” She couldn’t be more right.

Wishing you a successful college career!