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Dear Storage Seeker:

I have an old self-storage unit filled to the brim with junk. It is overwhelming. I am ashamed I let it get that way. Because I live in a small apartment, getting rid of my unit is just not an option for me. Can you help?

Overwhelmed in Ohio.


Dear Overwhelmed in Ohio:

We completely understand. Life gets busy, and with so much organizing to do daily, a self-storage unit is usually last on the list. In fact, more often than not, a self-storage unit becomes a dumping group. Here are three simple tips to help get your storage unit organized so that you can live clutter-free!

1.) Take an inventory of all within your storage unit.

First, it is essential to take an inventory of all your items within it. This will help you distinguish the “junk” from the “need to keep.” Once you have a detailed list, determine what you should keep, what you should donate, and what you should discard. If your unit is so cluttered that you cannot even begin to take inventory, complete this process in real-time, setting aside some time each day or week to go through items little by little. Chances are, if you aren’t even sure what is within it, the things are not worth keeping anyway.

2.) Ask family and friends to help.

On the big de-clutter day, ask family members or friends to help you. This will allow you to tackle this project all at once. Make a day of it with fun music, lunch, and drinks. Trust us when we say, good company can make anything fun! If you plan on selling some of the items you recover, offering to provide them a percentage of the profits doesn’t hurt, either! And, if the storage unit is beyond your ability to tend to, your friends and family will tell you to hire a junk haul company (and be there to support you along the way).

3.) Once organized, devise a plan to stay that way!

Heavy-duty bins with lids are the best way to keep items safe and secure, though depending on the items, boxes packaged and sealed are OK to use as well. Keep a running list of things within your self-storage unit, clearly marking each bin so that you know exactly when items are where. Then, as you remove or add items, update the list. Place items you use on a more regular basis in the front of your unit and those used less frequently in the back (while ensuring they are still easy to access).

By assessing what you have, mapping out time to get rid of what you don’t need, and devising a plan to stay organized once all is clear, your storage unit will be an extension of your home: clean and clutter-free! Best of all, if you need a new self-storage unit, you can compare and reserve units online for FREE through Storage Seeker.

Here’s to a more organized, clutter-free you!