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You wake up in the dead of night to find your roommate sitting on the edge of your bed, stroking a lamb-chop puppet, rocking back and forth. “I’m so glad you’re awake, Drew… Nobody understands me like you do.”

As you think of what could have been had you only applied yourself in trigonometry, your roommate begins to sing All The Single Ladies as he dances down the hall. You sit up to confirm he is not a single lady — or a lady at all — as you cry yourself back to sleep, hoping tomorrow will be better.

After several nights of puppet theater, pop medleys — and the shocking — nude-yoga work-out in your apartment complex parking garage, you decide this partnership isn’t working, and move forward in your search for a new roommate. You know, one that doesn’t eat peanut butter with his toes or use your toothbrush to clean his ear-hair trimmer. Pretty standard requests.

Believe it or not, it IS possible to find a roommate who is not only semi-normal, but trustworthy, clean, and a snappy dresser (not that that’s important). There are several websites that can help you search, performing background checks and matching you based on preferences.

The real test is not if you can find a decent roommate (because they really do exist!), but how you and your roommate will merge your belongings and learn to live within a tight space.

Here are some helpful tips:


With rents increasing and apartment sizes decreasing, utilizing every square foot of space is necessary. Placing items you don’t need on a daily basis in a self-storage unit will help keep you and your roommate clutter free.

Splitting the cost of storage won’t break the bank either. Units come in various sizes and are designed to fit any budget. Christmas decor, seasonal clothing, sports equipment, and whatever else you may have, will be safe and secure in a climate-controlled unit — accessed with ease when you need them, and out of the way when you don’t.


The epic battle of fridge vs. freezer is one that only few have survived. Those who have, will tell you that keeping your kitchen organized is of the utmost importance.

Be sure to sit down and discuss your expectations, figuring out what will work best for both of you. Who will be purchasing the food? Where will you keep your food? Will there be any shared staple items? Being on the same page is key.


Ain’t nothing more personal than where you do your doo-doo, so keeping your bathroom fresh is important. Be sure to have designated spaces for each of you. Towel hooks, baskets and toothbrush holders will help keep your belongings in order, as well as designating closet space and drawers.

Also, developing a cleaning schedule will ensure you’re both on the right track. Remember, even though it may not be your turn to clean, it is always polite to keep things tidy when leaving your throne, your highness.

“Even people who are entirely strange and indifferent to one another will exchange confidences if they live together for a while, and a certain intimacy is bound to develop.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Elective Affinities

So take a step back and have fun. Utilizing these helpful tips to find a compatible roommate and remain organized (by renting storage and being mindful of shared spaces), will help you live a happy apartment life, lamb-chop and Beyoncé free — unless of course, that’s your thing!

Happy Rooming!