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We have received numerous emails from high-school seniors inquiring about storage options for college. They ask if discounts are available (there are), and for some advice for the future. Once you get past the fact that these teens are contacting us to help guide their college career (though we’re flattered!), it’s quite exciting to think about all these young people heading out on this journey. Here are the top 5 questions that came in for us to review, along with the best possible answers we could provide:

1.) What are some other factors that go into selecting a college, academics aside?

Academics are incredibly important when selecting a college to attend, but they are not the only deciding factor. Pushing academics aside (since that is the main reason for narrowing down your choices) you need to focus on all a campus has to offer, including its location, culture, and extracurricular clubs and organizations.

2.) What if I don’t know what I want to do?

That’s okay, most don’t! Major in what interests you, or in something general (such as Liberal Arts of Business) and learn all you can. You never know what the future holds for you. Rest assured, most people don’t get a job that aligns with their degree anyway… Case-in-point: Political Science degree turned self-storage guru.

3.) How do I navigate the logistics of a move?

First, it is important to determine the best way for you to get there (such as driving and bringing your belongings with you, or flying and shipping your belongings). It is also important that you coordinate what to bring with your roommate(s) once that information is shared so that you don’t overpack (or overshop).

4.) Is there a way to maximize my dorm room space?

Besides using the countless hacks available to you on Pinterest, you can also rent a small, local self-storage unit to keep large or seasonal items. Best of all, when the semester is through, you can keep belongings within your storage unit for the following year, instead of packing them all up only to move them back once again.

5.) Do you have any regrets?

Gosh, well we all have regrets, but after gauging the “college regrets” list around the office, these were the recurring themes:

• “Not taking advantage of all of the opportunities presented, whether it be internships, volunteer work, or attending various conferences or seminars.”

• “Partying a little too hard some nights, should have scaled back a bit – though everything worked out, could have ended badly.”

• “Failing to pursue the degree I wanted, because I was scared to put in the work, or of failing.”

• “Not understanding my full financial picture, whether taking out loans or paying in cash, I should have determined what course of action was best long-term.”

• “Being too stressed about the future, and failing to enjoy the present and what was right in front of me, knowing it would all work out if I put in the hard work.”

By taking the time to gain some footing, setting your direction, forming a plan, and remaining open to the opportunities that present themselves, your college experience is bound to be a successful one! In the words of Marilyn Vos Savant, “To acquire knowledge, one must study; but to acquire wisdom, one must observe.” Study, watch, and learn all you can – this is your time to challenge yourself and grow.

Go get ‘em!

Your friends at Storage Seeker.