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If you are heading off to college this fall, these four simple tips will help you stay organized and clutter-free, making your college career a success!

1.) Refrain from overpacking, coordinating items you are bringing with your roommate(s).

Number each of your boxes, listing the items placed within each one on a corresponding, running list. By keeping a detailed log of what you have and what you are bringing, you will not over-buy with items listed on typical college checklists. To keep boxes to a minimum, use clothing and towels to wrap delicate items. Do note that once you receive notice of who your roommate (or roommates) will be, it is best to coordinate what you are each bringing so that you can each pack strategically (and smartly – saving much-needed space and money).

2.) Consider renting a self-storage unit that is close to campus to keep more oversized items.

Renting a self-storage unit near your university will not only save you the hassle of lugging your belongings back and forth when the year is through but will help you maximize your dorm room space since you can keep large or seasonal items out of your dorm. With units offered in various sizes, finding one that will work within your budget is simple, especially if you are splitting it with a friend or two! Popular sized units for college students include 5’x10 and 10’x10’ units, though some students renting a unit solo may opt for a 5’x5’. Regardless, locations have 24×7 security and are climate controlled, with some even offering drive-up access. You can rest assured your belongings will be safe (at an affordable price).

3.) Get creative with the limited space you have so that every square foot utilizing your dorm room to the fullest potential.

There are more ways to store your belongings than you may think. Bins, pegboards, storage containers, and hangers can all be used in creative ways to help you utilize every nook and cranny of your dorm room. So think outside of the box and consider using everyday, inexpensive items to make your small space work better for you.

4.) Be sure to create a study nook – your studies should always come first.

When getting your dorm in order, be sure to set aside a space that can be used as an area to study. Murphy desks and laptop centers are a good start. Remember, your favorite spot in the library, cafe, or common area may not always be available, so your room has to be a comfortable place to study too. College is first and foremost about learning, so placing your academics ahead of all else is vital.

By packing with intention (and coordinating with your roommate), utilizing self-storage, getting creative with your space, and ensuring you have a place to study, you will succeed this college semester and beyond! We wish you all the best!