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Dear Storage Seeker:

We are expecting our first baby (a sweet little girl!) in two months and really feel as if we are at our max concerning space. Moving during this season is not an option; we believe we can make this work where we are if given the right tools. Any storage (and parenting!) solutions you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Yours truly,
Laura & Peter

Dear Laura & Peter,

Congratulations! You are about to embark on a life changing journey filled with fun, tears, poop, and tears… Wait, did we say that already? Oh right – and sleep deprivation… which will make you a little kooky (case in point)!

Becoming a parent is truly one of the most beautiful experiences life has to offer. So, while we would love to only give you the usual “enjoy every moment… cherish every memory” pep talk, we are also going to tell you, those little boogers take up a heck of a lot of space!

Here are 5 simple tips to help you get your home in order before and after your sweet baby’s arrival!

1.) Utilize the keep, donate, discard principle.

Pick an area of your home to target for just 15-20 minutes each day using the keep, donate, discard principle. If an item has been used within the past 3 months, and has a genuine plan or purpose within the next 3, keep it. If not, donate it. And, if no one would be able to use it, discard it and don’t look back! You will be amazed to see how much “junk” is overtaking your living space!

2.) Rent a local self-storage unit for larger items.

Renting a self storage unit near your home will help you maximize space by keeping larger items that you are not in immediate need of offsite (such as holiday decor and sports equipment), freeing up room for items you need on a daily basis. With different sizes available to fit your specific needs, finding one that doesn’t break the bank is simple (and well worth the low monthly cost).

3.) Sort through baby clothing in real time.

When hanging up your baby’s clothes, place them in size order, with corresponding empty bins below. As your baby outgrows an item, you can simply drop it into the bin and push the next sized items forward. Best of all, if you have a self-storage unit, you can easily keep the clothing somewhere safe and secure until baby number 2 arrives!

4.) Cycle through toys every 2-3 weeks to help keep play time fresh!

Just like your “real time” clothing sort method, keep a bin nearby clearly marked with your child’s age to place toys so that you can cycle through them every two to three weeks. Bins can also be kept in your mini-storage unit. This will ensure your wee-one stays engaged, since they will feel as if they have a new box of toys to play with, while simultaneously alleviating clutter. 

5.) Remember to take time for yourself.

Being a new parent is hard. Besides setting up cleaning schedules and developing a healthy family routine, it is important to take some time for yourself to help make sure you stay grounded during this life changing season. While there will be challenges, parenthood is guaranteed to be the most rewarding, laughter filled journey there is.

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”
-Winnie The Pooh

These are the happiest of times. The ultimate advice we can give is to enjoy them!