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Dear Storage Seeker,

With four kids at home and the COVID-19 pandemic still going on, the walls seem to be closing in on us. We work here, we eat here, we play here, we learn here – it’s starting to get to be a bit too much. How the heck are we supposed to make this space more liveable? Please help. We are approaching our wit’s end.

Two parents on the brink.


Dear “Two Parents on the Brink”,

Your truth is our truth right now, too. Countless members of our team (this writer included) are working with babies on our laps and toddlers in destruction-mode while navigating school for our older children. It’s not easy to balance, so know that as we share these helpful tips, we are all essentially learning as we go, making the most of a situation that is a challenge for parents everywhere! In other words, you are NOT alone!

In this with you,
The Storage Seeker Team

1.) Set a schedule.

“I’ve found that creating a set routine for my kids has helped me manage work, school, and basic household activities. It sounds cliche, but sticking to one has really helped our family thrive. We didn’t really have or need such a strict one before the pandemic. Even when COVID is over, my wife and I think that this may be the way to go” -Jim

2.) Create a clean-up time (for kids and adults).

“We have ‘clean-up’ time for the kids and us. We put on some music (Clean up, pick up, put away from Daniel Tiger is our preferred jam) and we each do our part every night before bed. It’s better than trying to clean in real-time during the day (which worked for us pre-Covid, but not now), allowing us to compartmentalize the day a bit. Plus, the responsibility doesn’t just fall on us as the parents. Those cute little booger boys of ours (we have 3 under the age of 6) need to do their part too” -Frankie

3.) Focus on one small area to target each day.

“I’ve found that targeting just one area of my home a day for 10-20 minutes helps me to get rid of clutter. Goodness knows, when the house feels cluttered, I simply cannot get anything done. I’ve even taken to putting larger items in a local self-storage unit so that I can maximize space for items I need on a daily basis. It helps.” -Karri

4.) Get outside!

“We haven’t been able to do much, but the kids and I have started going for hikes at a local nature preserve each week, weather permitting, and it’s been really nice to just get out of the house. If you can find a way to change your scenery, I really recommend it. A drive-in movie is a fun and safe option too, or even some golf!” -Damian

5.) Power down.

“This is going to sound a little bit nuts, but since we’re all going a bit crazy at this point, I’ll share. I bought this little cage for my phone, so at 7 PM every night, I lock it up (with emergency alerts set if I need to be notified), for the evening. No cleaning, no phones, just family time. It has been tremendous in providing me and my spouse with some R&R. Sorry, boss!” -Ken

6.) Take on a hobby, together!

Train layouts, baseball cards, coin collecting, scrapbooking, gardening, sports, camping – the list goes on and on. Think of a fun hobby you guys can do together, and use a self-storage unit to keep items when they are not in use. We started camping, and there’s a lot of gear (which we store off-site). It has been such a fun time for us!” -Sara

Hang in there, parents! 2021 looks bright. We will all get through this, together!

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” Aristotle Onassis