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The tiny home, small space movement has continued to thrive here within America, with singles and families alike making the decision to purchase smaller, more economic housing. While there are numerous reasons behind why people choose to purchase homes that are less than 2,000 square feet, here is what we found:

Couple #1 lives in Portland, Oregon, and has the smallest house that we have spoken to by far. Their tiny house, measuring just 900 sq. ft isn’t technically all the rage anymore, but for them, it works. “Like most Americans, we both have substantial student loans. We could have rented, but finding a way to own our own home and continue to pay down that debt was important to us. A tiny house has provided us with the opportunity to do just that. We don’t plan on expanding our family until our debt is paid, and to be honest, even when we do, we will likely keep our living space to 1500 sq. ft. We’ve made due with so much less, and home maintenance is just not something we want to have to spend time [or money] doing. It’s been great for us, and our loans should be fully paid soon.”

Family #2 has 3 kids and lives just outside of Denver, Colorado. “Finding a place to call home at an affordable price was just not feasible, the cost of living here continues to rise. We found a mid-century modern ranch just over 1600 sq. ft in a nearby suburb and to be honest, it is the most charming and quaint little place. We don’t mind that it’s on the smaller side, nor do the two girls mind sharing a room. Our son’s room is tiny, but since he has it all to himself, he doesn’t seem to care. Less money towards housing, and more money towards dance classes and karate. We couldn’t be happier!”

Individual #3 lives in the Dallas, Fort-Worth area. “It’s funny because here in Texas, bigger is always better. New developments are popping up everywhere, and quite frankly, they are HUGE in size and dare I say, way overpriced. I purchased a home in an older neighborhood, that is 1100 square feet. It’s perfect. I laugh because all homes require maintenance, and when things have gone on the fritz (such as my HVAC unit), replacing it wasn’t nearly the same cost as it would have been had I owned a larger home. One of my friends has this huge (what I call mini mansion) and had to replace both hot water heaters (located in the attic!) in the same week. If my water heater goes, I just have ONE to worry about [laughter], so this works well for my budget.”

While some may wonder how these individuals manage to maximize space when there is very little to begin with, the answer is easy. Each group utilizes a nearby self storage unit, as it provides a great storage option for sports equipment, camping gear, and seasonal décor. The prices are cheap, the locations are convenient, and the sites are secure. Almost all storage facilities offer climate control, with some even offering drive-up access so that loading and unloading is a breeze.

Turns out, owning SMALL has some pretty BIG returns! The lower housing costs help to save money, and the minimal space saves time on maintenance. Best of all, with self-storage units located in nearly every neighborhood, finding space for the larger items you love is never an issue. In the words of Laura Ingalls Wilder, “Home is the nicest word there is….” (no matter what the size)!