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Are you planning to sell your home in 2020?

Predictions for the 2020 housing market aren’t too positive, with an overall market cooldown expected even though interest rates are at an all time low. Housing Market in 2020: Boom or Bust states that, “2020 will be a challenging year for the housing market. On the one side, there’s a strong US economy that has driven the unemployment rate to record low levels, boosting disposable income, which makes a bullish case. Then, there are low mortgage rates and housing shortages, which add to the bullish sentiment.”

Since 2020 may be a more challenging time to sell, ensuring your home stands out against the competition is key. In How to Sell Your Home Fast in 12 Easy Steps, Trulia encourages sellers to make their homes look their best as soon as it lists since, “Buyers will be most interested in your home the first few weeks it’s on the market, so you’re in the best position to sell when your house is ready to go on day one.” Staging a home is a way to ensure just that, as it will appear spacious, clean and updated, which are all major selling points.

Moving has time and time again been listed as one of the top 10 most stressful life events. So, while most homeowners are aware that staging their home is important, the idea of getting their home into tip-top shape can be overwhelming. In Home Seller Secrets, Reatlor.com states that, “…between de-cluttering, styling, and making your house look its absolute best, this process can make you want to pull your hair out.”

We agree that the process of moving and selling a home can be stressful, but staging a home doesn’t have to be. In fact, sellers have found that renting a local self-storage unit to keep boxes that have already been packed and larger furniture items, has helped make staging simple. Homes appear more spacious, and the “chaos” of living among boxes, removed!

Sellers have also found that renting mini-storage provides them with the ability to tackle larger renovations within their current home or new one, without having to worry about damage to their belongings. Contractors have more room to work, and items remain safe and secure.

In addition to renting a storage unit, there are several other small projects that can give a home a fresh look: 

  • Painting a home in a neutral color
  • Removing personal photos and bold decor
  • New lighting or plumbing fixtures
  • If feasible, appliance updates
  • Minor gardening and front-yard clean up 

Tackling these items provides buyers with the opportunity to envision a home as their own, instead of walking into a home that clearly belongs to someone else. Plus, when small items (such as fixtures and front-yards) are fresh and clean, the home appears well-loved, putting buyers at ease.

Remember, though you may not be motivated to commit extra time or money towards staging your home, the return of doing so will far exceed your expectations. According to Realtor.com, “…staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than non-staged homes…” which is a big chunk of change!

Moving can have it’s challenges, but try to remember: this is all only temporary. In the words of American novelist Jane Smiley, “I loved the house the way you would any new house, because it is populated by your future, the family of children who will fill it with noise or chaos and satisfying busy pleasures.”

To a successful stage and sale in 2020!