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Since Santa Claus is coming to town, have you ever wondered how he keeps his operation running smoothly? Sure, he has his list. He checks it twice. But the logistics must be overwhelming. With Humanium reporting that there are over 2.2 billion children in the world, how the heck does the big guy get to each of them in one night?

As the leading provider of storage units to Santa Claus, we are proud to let you know that Santa utilizes our self-storage units each and every season, conveniently comparing and reserving units online for free. With facilities offering climate control, 24/7 security, and drive up access at low prices, Santa’s operation remains efficient and affordable, ensuring he has a surplus of time and money when the season is through.

Here’s how off-site storage helps Santa each Christmas:

  • Lighter, Localized Load: After the elves build and assemble toys at the North Pole, they are distributed throughout the year to local storage facilities, so that Santa can load up and deliver toys by town. Santa saves time by only having to sort through toys for residents within each particular neighborhood (versus the entire world), and he can stop to take frequent bathroom breaks (which is necessary considering his age).

  • Energy Efficiency: According to How much oil is needed to power Santa’s sleigh?, “A Lear Jet uses around 1 gallon of fuel per 2.75 miles. A Piper Cub uses about 1 gallon per 15 miles.So one might estimate the sleigh gets about 5 miles to 1 gallon of fuel.” And since, “…Santa needs to travel around 226 million miles to deliver all of the presents to the world’s children…. he needs around 45 million gallons of jet fuel for his annual voyage… to cover around 94 million square miles of households…” with the estimated operating cost at $54 million. 


A lighter load means Santa’s sleigh requires less fuel, helping to lower operating costs and improve the environment. 10 Ways To Cut Your Fuel Costs confirms this, stating that, Having a lighter vehicle load can help contribute to saving fuel. The lighter the vehicle, the more fuel efficient it will be…[since] every extra 100 pounds of weight on a vehicle can lower fuel economy by 1 percent.”

Santa’s storage rentals are a win for North-Pole Incorporated, and a win for the planet! Go, Santa!

How Can Self Storage help you this Holiday?

This holiday season, consider renting self-storage from Santa’s premier provider. You won’t be disappointed!

“We won’t rent from anyone else! Thank you, Storage Seeker! Ho-Ho-Ho!” -Kris Kringle

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!